Too white. Too large. Too perfect.

woman smiling teethSometimes perfect isn’t perfect — especially when it comes to teeth.

We’ve all seen them before: the too white, too large, and too perfectly artificial. Teeth that seem to arrive first. Obvious and unfortunate. Chiclets. So what’s to blame? Perhaps it’s the thought that bigger and whiter are better. But when it comes to teeth, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Today’s ideal porcelain veneer is customized and natural looking with subtle flaws that make them look just a bit better than the real thing. The ideal porcelain veneer is not thick, not overly contoured and not opaque in color but rather they’re natural looking, translucent in color, and seamlessly match the rest of your teeth. Created by professional dental ceramists, these natural porcelain veneers provide a balance of white and natural that leave people wondering: did they or didn’t they?

To read more on the subject, check out this interesting NY Times article here. And for more information on natural-looking veneers, call us.