Stealth Stainers

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If someone asked you to name the worst teeth-staining foods and drinks out there you’d probably say coffee, tea, and red wine. And you’d be right. But there are other stealth stainers that might surprise you. Like what?

– LEMONADE: due to its high acidity, lemonade erodes enamel and leaves teeth vulnerable to staining. 

– BERRIES: both blue and black, berries may scream summer but they also scream stains. 

WHITE WINE: yes, white wine –– it’s acidic and opens your teeth up to staining by other foods. 

POPSICLES: brightly colored and sugar filled, popsicles are a double dose of bad for your teeth.

POOLS: who knew? The chemicals used in pools can give your teeth a brown hue. 

BALSAMIC VINEGAR: its dark color and high acidity make it one of the worst offenders. 

– MARINARA SAUCE: acidic and tomato red, this sauce clings to both pasta and your teeth.

– COLA: brown, fizzy, acidic and pure sugar –– need we say more? 

So what can you do? Indulge in your favorites, but aim for moderation. And make sure to rinse your mouth with water (to remove the acidity) before you brush your teeth.