Preventing Sports Related Dental Injuries

Waterpolo - Athens Olympic Games 2004 - Men's Final - Hungary v Serbia and Montenegro

Did you know that one third of dental injuries are sports related? It’s true. So how can you protect your teeth and mouth in contact sports? The answer is a custom fit sportsguard/mouthguard, which can help you to avoid injury and in turn, dental visits. Sportsguards not only protect your teeth, but your tongue, lips, face and jaw too. A 2014 study in an issue of General Dentistry showed that a custom-made, properly fitted, pressure-laminated mouthguard may also reduce the incidence of sports-related concussions.

Mouthguards are used in sports including football, basketball, lacrosse, water polo, and ice hockey among others. For more information on custom-fit sportsguards please call our office at 949 640 0300.